VSX 7000S   VSX 5000S  
    Features      Features   
Easily sits on top of any TV or XGA display
Smooth, natural motion and sharp, clear images for optimal viewing
Excellent audio and call clarity with SirenT 14 audio and StereoSurroundT
Integrate the SoundStation VTX 1000® conference phone for dialing and microphone functionality
Connects to any TV or XGA display
Embedded Electronic PTZ camera easily includes 3-7 people in the viewing window
Sits conveniently on top of TVs, plasma or LCD displays
Offers multiple ways of dialing conference attendees and delivering content
Integrate with the SoundStation VTX 1000® to launch video calls
    AUDIO     AUDIO  
  Sound Station VTX 1000   Sound Station 2  
     Features      Features   
Speak naturally from 2-feet to 20-feet away from the microphone and be heard clearly
Enjoy increased productivity and faster decision making through more natural and efficient conversations
Covers the full range of the human speech spectrum, making every syllable crystal clear
Download new software for additional features and functionality right from the phone
Provides full room coverage for a 54' x 40' room.
Industry-leading full duplex for natural, simultaneous two-way conversation
Dynamic Noise Reduction (DNR), provides maximum microphone sensitivity and reduces room/background noise
Offers 360-degree microphone coverage with intelligent mixing
Speak in a normal voice and be heard clearly up to ten feet away
Add traditional telephone features* like redial, mute, transfer, and hold
    AUDIO     AUDIO  
  Sound Station 2W   Sound Point SE-225  
    Features     Features   
Freedom to conference anywhere - even in rooms where there are no phone lines
Voice quality equal to the SoundStation2
Proven 2.4 GHz or 1.9 GHz wireless technology
Up to 24 hours of talk time
Standard headset cable enables instant connectivity of cell phones to the conference phone
Acoustic Clarity Technology allows simultaneous natural conversations
Two microphones provide 360-degree room coverage for offices
Easily switch between speakerphone, headset, and handset modes
Industry-leading conferencing technology
Easy-to-install and use - plug into power outlet and standard jack
Full-featured two-line business phone
  Integrated Touch Panel        
Combines various remotes to one
Simplified user interface
Multi Product Operations
5.7" Colour Light Weight Touch Panel

Approx 150 feet control distance